3 secrets to be a millionaire NOW!

Other articles might seem exaggerating compared to ours because we like to sum up and you have it in your mind easily. Let’s start.

Number 1 What is your exact dream amount?

Assume that you wish to be a millionaire or a billionaire or a multi-billionaire, how much exactly the amount you want to have? It is the amount that will make you feel rich from inside. But be careful! You cannot copy this number from others. It is your own number. You have to know one important thing … number is unlimited. It means you can have as much as you wish, you just have to expand your heart for that. Do not think that 10 is little and 500 is too large. Answer yourself … what is your dream amount? Everyone has their own amount. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Be careful … you are gonna work for money until the end of your life if you don’t know your destination. So define your exact amount now! When your reach that goal, your subconscious mind will send some signals to your brain like … ‘MISSION COMPLETE.’ And your life after that will be like a profit every single day.

Moreover, you must be optimistic. Resources in this galaxy is enough for everyone.           ( It sounds like Avenger film, right? But this is so true ) Gold is under the soil in every single square feet. You aspire to be successful and share those success with others. You will see gold wherever you go.

Number 2 Have enough money in your pocket.

This event happened to my friend in Thailand. She owns many entities and properties in Chiang Mai. She thought that she was so rich that she never had to carry any dollar in her pocket. One day she went to a gas station and found out that she had no money at all in her pocket. Every card and money are with her husband and kids. She cried a river in her brand new Mercedes Benz S Class car. She realized at that time that she had no power over her money. Having learned from that situation makes a better her. Nowadays, she has 50 pieces of banknote and 5 cards in her wallet.

Someone is scared that her shopaholic manner would take her money away if she had a lot of cash in hand. Girls! That’s too old-fashioned. With the help of 6 jars, you know your money pulses. You know how much you have in your PLAY account. Let’s take a look at the previous post. I explained that very clear.

Number 3 Do your lists today as if you’re a millionaire already

It is clear, right? Assume that you’re that dream billionaire already, what would you do when you get up in the morning? List your dreams. For example, you wish to to have a foundation costing 100 000 € if you had 10 Million Euros. Well, that’s pretty easy. If you earn 100 000 Euros, just donate 100€. You don not have to wait until you reach that millionaire status to do what you would love to do. Do it today.


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